Missing Money at Gala Bingo Hall Brings Police Investigation

Jul 31, 2013

Possilpark Gala BingoThe Possilpark branch of Gala Bingo in Glasgow is under police investigation for financial irregularities. Bingo is great fun and usually a peaceful and responsible form of gaming. However, with large sums of money floating around, the temptation can be too much for some. It is rumored that the missing funds total some £80,000 and are part of unclaimed prize money held at the club.

Neither the police nor Gala Bingo is saying much. Gala Bingo is participating in the investigation and odds are this will end showing that some employee took advantage of their position and took some cash they thought wouldn’t be noticed. Unfortunately it has been noticed and now customers are unsettled.

One woman, who wished to be unnamed, said “We put trust in everyone there. I go once a week but have been going for years and you see the same faces all the time. This report does put me off from going, but this is a big part of my week.” Another said “We heard rumours about this. It would be terrible if it turned out to be true.”

The bingo hall is very popular and a big part of the local community. Many from the surrounding area come to play, but also plenty from the rest of Glasgow since the bingo hall is easy to get to on bus.

All that the police will say at this time as indicated by a spokeswoman is “Inquiries are continuing into a report of financial irregularities at the bingo hall in Hawthorn Street.” A Gala Bingo spokeswoman was equally tightlipped, saying only “We are working with the police to assist them with their investigations. It would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.”

Despite all the security employed by a top UK bingo firm like Gala Bingo, there is always a weakness that a cunning employee can exploit. Unfortunately it looks like this is just the most recent example of someone taking advantage of bingo.

Thanks to the Evening Times for the details.

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